Pioneer Interlock Tufted Custom Rug -Ecru -

Pioneer Interlock Tufted Custom Rug -Ecru

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Description: Pet-friendly performance, stain resistant, easy to clean...

  • Machine tufted STAINMASTER PET-PROTECT nylon fibers for unsurpassed durability and cleanability.
  • Releases pet hair for easy vacuuming. Stain and soil resistant. 
  • Anti-microbial and resistant to moisture and bacterial growth.
  • Edged and finished with industry standard matching binding for a beautiful finished look. Rug pad recommended.
  • This rug will be made just for you so we highly recommend you order a rug sample to touch and feel the material and ensure the color is a fit for you. Return Policy.
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Do You Need A Made-To-Order Size?:

Making a rug to your exact measurements is a great solution when you're looking for a rug to fit your unique space. You can order any of our area rugs made to your exact measurements. Our delivery time is the same as our quick order rugs at 2 to 3 weeks. And, we do not charge "extra" fees just because you want it to your exact specifications. Call, chat or email to receive instant pricing on area rugs with made-to-order measurements and custom edge treatments. That's why we're called "RugsThatFit"™. Contact us at (888) 589-2673 or email:

    See Example of Standard Matching Edge Binding:

    This photo is not the product for sale but an example of how the edges of your finished rug will appear with standard binding. Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail give each rug a beautiful finish.

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    We love making area rugs and are so glad you found Rugs That Fit! Textile manufacturing/Rug fabrication has been our family business for more than thirty years. Just like you, our family spends a lot of time on our area rugs and we know how important it is to have a durable, comfortable, easy to clean rug that works with the interior design of a home. The materials we use are curated to ensure product durability, ease of maintenance and lasting quality. We enjoy helping our customers avoid the frustration of the "great area rug search" by giving them options to create a rug that meets their exact needs right down to size, color, and pattern at a price that's comparable to non-custom rugs. We enjoy helping people find Rugs That Fit so don't hesitate to call us with any of your rug questions!